One Shenton certified as Gold under NParks' Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework (LEAF) for 2023

One Shenton, a luxurious residential development in the heart of the city’s downtown core planning region.

For One Shenton, vertical greenery columns have been added at the pedestrian level and adjacent to busy streets. Aside from visual relief for the building’s occupants and members of the public, the green walls help to reduce one’s exposure to air pollution and positively contribute to the therapeutic needs of people living and working in urban areas.

The overall costs, including installations on the building facade, came up to about $750,000, with $330,000 subsidised by NParks.


Leaf was launched in 2013 to recognise projects that restore nature in Singapore’s urban landscape and is part of the Republic’s City in Nature vision.

One Shenton, which was given the gold certification, three-leafed wild vines and cat claw ivy, plants that thrive under strong light, cover its facade. In all, the condominium project has about 40 plant species, including trees, palms and shrubs.

Shops at the ground level have seen business improve since 29 vertical greenery columns were added. The greenery project began in 2019 and was completed in 2023, and during the improvement works, the building’s management gradually increased rents by 50 per cent.


Certificate of Recognition – Gold

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