One Shenton Condominium @ Shenton Way

Embark on a comprehensive transformation journey at One Shenton Condominium, featuring new facilities and upgraded spaces throughout the building.

Phase 01

Lobby &
Outdoor Refreshment Area

Step into our newly renovated lobby, designed to evoke a tropical oasis, offering One Shenton residents a serene retreat. The Outdoor Refreshment Area complements this theme, with 29 columns transformed into vertical green pockets, boasting over 15 varieties of plants on each column.

Before Renovation

Phase 02

7th & 8th Storey Facilities

During the recent pandemic, families spent the majority of their time at home, with limited places to go. In response, the management team approached us to provide new facilities for residents to engage in sporting activities. Consequently, on the 7th Storey, we converted the existing Carpark area into sports facilities, including a Basketball Court, Badminton Court, Ping Pong Table, and a Golf Simulator.

Following the completion of the 7th Storey facilities, we continued our upgrading works on the 8th Storey Communal Facility Deck. Here, we introduced a new Alfresco Seating Area by the lawn, complete with a Waterfall Feature, and enhanced the landscape with Perimeter Vertical Planters along the facilities, creating a tropical wellness area for residents.

In addition to upgrading existing facilities, we also introduced new amenities such as the Children’s playground area, catering to families’ needs.

Phase 03

24th & 25th Storey Sky Terrace

Perched 90 meters above ground level, the Sky Terrace offers residents breathtaking views of the Lion City.

Skyline View

Experience ultimate relaxation with new Pool facilities, including a Jacuzzi Pool with Waterfall Spa Shower and an Onsen Pool, perfectly complementing the stunning vista.

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